Building a cable park and how to build a wakeboard wake park

How to build a cable park wakeboard


How to build a cable park? You are interested in building a cable park with obstacles for wakeboard?

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You have a project of building a cable park and you don’t know where to start, you will find here everything you need.

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Are you interested in building a cable park?

Here is our mission:

Whether it’s a  2 tower system  or a full size cable park, our specialists will assist you in this project.

We are supplying Cable Park at factory prices

We will assist you in the development and throughout the different steps of your project from the creation to the installation of the waterskiing and wakeboarding cable park.

We offer Consulting Services ( Business Plan, Market Research)

We will answer all your questions about your project
(only serious projects will be considered)

In the first step, we require that you already have found the location where you want to install your cable park and that you send us the google maps image (with GPS coordinates) so that we can verify the feasibility of the project and send it to our architects for them to do the layout of the cable park (respecting all the standard norms,  distance of each pylons, etc).

You will have already an idea of the total length of the cable, the number of pylons for your park, number of carriers, ideas for wakeboard obstacles for the wake park, why it is better to install 5 or 6 pylons, etc. ..

We will then send you the official layout and the detailed offer with the total price for the construction oand installation of a cable park 5 or 6 towers, with or without a 2 tower system cable park (which is recommended because it is ideal for beginners who are learning the basics of wakeboarding )

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We can also help you get the needed documents, info about permissions and prepare you an example of business plan,  to calculate your return on investment for your cable park business.

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Full Size Cable Park ( cable wake park)

Cable Parks are in full development, you will find those wakeboard and waterski facilities in almost every country in the world. Created in the 60s in Germany, this activity is developing very rapidly throughout the world. In Germany it exist already more than 80, France 30 and Belgium launched three in the last two years!
Practiced on all continents, wakeboarding on cable park is even tipped to become an Olympic sport in 2020.

The ski lift is a marine electric propulsion, environmental friendly,  the system is very similar to the mountain ski lifts.

The cable length is between 800 and 1000 m. The rope is stretched to approximately 8 to 10 m high with usually 5 or 6 pylons under the water.

Water ski lift installation is adapted to any type of terrain: on lake, sea, river, dam, lagoon, or artificial lake.

The cable park system can tow up to 12 skiers at the same time with the carriers system.

All these variables are studied beforehand according to the disposition of the water and the concept of installation you want, rather optimized for classic skiing, rather  for wake park (more focused on the obstacles).

The average speed is 30 km / hour, but can go up to 60km / h for slalom skiing or mono-ski.

The distance between the riders (that is to say between two catchy) is approximately 70m. This means that more the cable is long (depending on the usable surface of the water) and more there will be carriers.

The cable park has a width of about 45 meters. An ideal water area should be at least 90 m wide and 170 m long to be able to install a waterskiing that is very profitable. We suggest a minimum of 1m to 1.2 m depth in the starting area.

The start area of the waterskiing / wakeboarding cable park is the place where all riders gather most of the time.
Apart from skiers, an audience of many spectators gather to watch the riders depart every few seconds. It is therefore advisable to plan and efficiently organized restauration facility.   A good restaurant or snack bar and a well-placed pro shop are some of the features to generate good profits.


Aire de depart sur teleski nautique - surface de depart de wake park cable wakeboard

Cable Park Maintenance

The cable park requires regular maintenance (maintenance and verification of documents, settings of cabinets) and a winter annual maintenance. There are companies specialized in the control of lifts / cable park who know how to control them, but you can also take care of it by yourself.
Entretien teleski nautique wake park wakeboard pylone

Cable Parks in France and around the world

France is the second country in the world in number of cable park installations.

Most cable parks belong to private persons as the majority of worldwide cable parks

- Surface: minimum area of 5 acres with a straight line from 200 to 310 meters (if installing a slalom).
Possibility to build on a smaller water surfaces specially if located near the city center.
- Starting Dock necessary for starting at startup zone

-  Infrastructure (changing rooms, toilets and showers), storage rooms for equipment, venue that also serves checkout.
- Food can be a percentage of interesting recipes.

-2 The price of cable park

- Cost of cable park  ( wake park): 250 000 € (including equipment and installation) depending on the size, the performance of the electrical system …

- Anchor pylons with studs or concrete drill: about € 50 000

- Count € 100,000 more for surrounding facilities and the start of construction (electrical, building, dock, …)

- Count € 30,000 more for a complete installation types wakepark (modules: one box, two Kicks, a slider and a table).

Examples of mudules obstables wakeboard wakepark:

Obstables wakepark cable wakeboard teleski nautique
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- Staff: at least 1 manager + 2 operators (pilots) and one cashier

- Electricity (€ 2,500 per year for 1500 hours of use)

- Cost of equipment (about 20 000 for vests, wetsuits, boards, etc.).

- Operation: about 1 500 to 2 000 hours per year and can reach a turnover of between 125 000 and 250 000 €.

Average price list in France (For information)


- Per hour: -* btw 15 and 20 €
-* Season (unlimited from april to october) : at about 450 €
-* half day (during week) : at about 32 €
Per round: -*3 rounds : 7.50 €
-*12 rounds : 24 €
-*25 rounds : 41 €
-*50 rounds : 70 €
-*100 rounds : 123 €

What is the best location to install a cable park

- * Population greater than 50 000 inhabitants within a radius of 50 km (resorts, exceptional sites, construction within a leisure water) or 800 000 catchment area of a radius of 100 km.
- * The presence of complementary activities is one of the success factors of this type of installation.
- * Convenient for people of all age, starting from 8 to 10 years, ( it is only required that you know how to swim.
- * Individual, Groups (schools, councils, holiday resort and recreation, etc.)..

Cable Parks and Cable Wakeboarding democratizes Wakeboard and each year welcomes over 6,000 new and experienced practitioners.

Quel age faut il pour pratique le wakeboard sur teleski nautique


Advantage of a cable park

-Ecological/Environnemental: Absolutely no noise (electric motors), zero pollution, no rejection of hydrocarbon, regeneration of the lake with oxygen due to the trail of the riders, no damaging of the lake because no wave

-Social: Ability to provide to disadvantaged groups a usually expensive watersport activity with a success rate very positive.   Possibility of hosting a public handi-sport

-Economic: This is a business that can generate a potential seasonal and full time job creation.   This generates substantial professional taxes for municipalities.

-Unique: A municipality or other communities can thus differentiate themselves by creating their geographic pole and this unique water activity is a great interest to the media by its exceptional image and athletic performances.

-Sporting: Ability to host international and national championships.



Lifejackets are obligatory
Helmets as well for the use of wakeboard obstacles
Safety Boat (light weight), engine power: 10 hp

Return On Investment is easy given the large number of persons to attend the site: hundreds per day, growing interest for wakeboarding sports (as winter sports stations, training surfing, kite surfing etc).


a frame wake park teleski nautique obstacle

- Period of Exploitation of the activity cable park

Season: April to October   Opening hours: 9am to 19h   Practice “by round” or “by time”, or even for the season.

Planning schedules all age groups but also slots for schools, councils, groups.   Depending on the size of the circuit, a lift can accommodate up to 12 riders at the same time.

Services to practitioners willing vests (free), neoprene suits if necessary, helmets and ski equipment (kneeboarding, water skiing, mono, windsurfing beginner and pro wakeboard, wakeskate) and rental of powerful tools for experienced riders or pro-riders on teleski boating / wake park.



If you are interested to invest in a cable park project and you already have an idea of the location for it, send us an email with the  Google Map image of the lake or pond chosen, and we send a free of charge detailed price offer as well as the optimal layout for the cable park. ou


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