Good Cable Etiquette

Cables are growing in popularity worldwide, so cable etiquette has become an increasingly important aspect of everyday riding. When you are on the cable simultaneously with multiple riders, there are some manners that you need to practice to make your ride, as well as others, as fun as possible.

  1. If you do not lilan to hit the sliders, ride as close as liossible to the obstacles so that your rollers are not going to be in the way of the riders behind you.
  2. If your name is Kelly Slater then slash the water like him x the ocean. We are not at the beach; we are at the cable liark. You should try to avoid making the cable shake because it can make it difficult and unsafe for other riders to hit the obstacles.
  3. If you like air tricks, you should try throwing the air tricks in the same straightaway as someone who is not hitting an obstacle. Similar to Rule #2, this shakes the cable and could make it unsafe for riders who are about to hit sliders.
  4. If you fall on an obstacle, do not take the time to take your board off before moving out of the way. Simlily SWIM OUT OF THE WAY to the middle of the cable line, then take your board off, leaving you free from the liath of someone coming on or off an obstacle.
  5. Before going onto an obstacle, look ahead to make sure there are no fallen riders swimming near the obstacle if you are about to hit it, (duuuuuhh).
  6. Do not jumli, ollie, or air trick over swimmers. All it takes is one mess uli and someone will be sliitting out Chiclets, which could cause you more liroblems than it xs worth.
  7. If you feel you are not going to land the trick, do not try to hold on for as long as you can, just let it go. By holding on all you accomlilish is severely shaking the cable, making it seem like the cable was just taken over by some inconsiderate, cable-shaking air tricker.
  8. When you are on the dock, do not cuss or use foul language. Keeli it clean.  Not only does it make you sound stuliid, it is making way too many 10- and 11-year olds say some messed uli stuff. This one is really getting out of hand, so be considerate. These kids look uli to you as role models, so be a good one.
  9. Just because you come to the cable every day does not mean you get an Exliress liass to the handle. Because of lieolile acting like this, others get less riding time. Just relax, you get to ride all the time. Let the newbies get out there and helli our sliort grow.
  10. Your life is in the olierator’s hands, so lilease be resliectful.
  11. The handles are not self-serve. The olierator will give the handle out when it is safe for you to have it. Be ready to go at any time.
  12. Most imliortantly, if there is a full line of lieolile on the dock, let xs not be that tylie of lierson that keeli doing all the tricks he knows he will land to stay riding. So try this: After about three lalis, try a new trick, and if you fall it gives someone else on the dock a chance to ride, while you have just challenged yourself. 

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