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THE STRAIGHT @StokeCity WakePark

StokeCity is a Unique Extreme Sports Park, and Gauteng’s only WakePark, designed for 
waterskiingkneeboarding, or wake skating where you an get on the water without a boat!  Forget that gym membership, it is time to start taking your lunch breaks with us riding. The CablePark at StokeCity is SA’s only WakePark that boast both a 5-tower cable system, THE MAIN, and a 2-tower cable system for beginners, called THE STRAIGHT.

Several Options exist, along with the option to hire the cable out privately for your function or party, complete with all equipment and operator for a mere R3500 for 2 hours (MAX 15 People). 

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Just Wake

Just Wake - Tattershall Lakes Wake Park
2 x System 2.0 Cable Systems
9 Obstacles made by the Industry Experts - Unit Parktech and Industry Wake Parks, nothing home made!
Designed for all levels of Wakeboarders, beginners through to the seasoned Pro.
Coaching from qualified staff, on hand to help you progress to the next level.

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Riga Wake Park

Two tower wakebord park. Closest one to the city centre. Use 19 trolley to get to trolley-stop "Lucavsala"

This summer we have in water two kickers (left & right), one 19m long small slider and 18m long "back snake" for advanced riders. And 18 m long "roof-top" slider should be in water shortly.
Pre-booking obligated! Phone +37128877917 or mail:
Price range: 1h/20LVL 30min/10LVL and 3LVL rental board if you dont have your own. Wetsuit, lifejacket, helmet and instructor included in price!
Working from early May-till end of September. 

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Wake Park Merkur

For 2013 brand new cable park close to Brno and Wien. Big cable (5 towers) + small 2.0 cable, 8 obstacles, vest and helmet mandatory at the big cable. Located in the middle of the lagoon of Autocamp Merkur, the biggest camping place at Czech republic.  

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Club Wake Park

Club Wake Park is perfect for beginners who have never wakeboarded before. It’s also an invaluable tool for riders learning their first inverts to the more experienced riders who are experimenting with the sports more advanced tricks. Club Wake Park’s system 2.0is the perfect tool to get your riding the way you want to, effectively and quickly!

Most importantly, the Club Wake Park staff are passionate about Wakeboarding and this is reflected in our park. The Club Wake Parkobstacles have been built with all level of wakeboarder in mind. They have been designed to be fun to hit for riders of all abilities and because of this, offer an effective way to progress your obstacle riding and gain confidence.  

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Wallygator Palo Palo

Wallygator Palo Palo

Near Gardaland, in the area of Garda lake in the north of Italy, you can find our wakepark with kickers, uprail, rails, box etc. Open 7 days a week from 10.00 am until the night, cause we've got the lights!

wallygator palo palo 
In our club you can also find a boulder area in deep water, a bar restaurant pizzeria, bed & breakfast for your holidays and two apartaments in front of the wake area.

NicoVon Lerchenfeld @ wallygator palo palo
Nico Von Lerchenfeld @ Wallygator Palo Palo 02/06/2013

Contact us:
Pam: +39 3407934282
Mister: +39 3472461022 

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Rahinge Cablepark

Rahinge cablepark has two Wakestation 2 tower cable systems.

The first cable system is for beginners with a total length of 150 meters and the cable has a small kicker and a straight slider (15 m).

The second cable system is for advanced riders and it is unique in Europe, because there’s a possibility to ride from the lake to a pool which sits 1,5 meters higher than the lake. Because of the difference in the water levels, you can ride the obstacles on the cableway up or down. The pool has a straight pipe (6 m), up-flat-down slider (15 m) and a double kinked slider (20 m). There’s also a slider (15 m), spine kicker (height 1,5 m) and a straight pipe (18 m) in the lake.

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Terhills Cablepark

As you can see the first cable park of limburg is a fact! It is situated in Dilsen-Stokkem on the new Terhills site ( close to Maasmechelen Village. It has been a lot of work but in 2013 we will open the first cable park in Belgium where slalom and ski jumping competitions are possible.   At Terhills Cablepark you will find 2 cables. There will be a “small” cable on which beginners can learn the basics before they advance to the big cable. It is perfect for small children, groups of beginners and even disabled people. The slalom track and ski jump will also be situated at this “small” cable. On the big cable you will find all the wakeboard obstacles. Everyone who knows the basics can use the big cable and the more advanced riders can try the obstacles.   In the second year we will also have Stand Up Paddles (SUP) and kayaks to let everyone enjoy the water. A beach will be located next to our clubhouse.   The goal of Terhills Cablepark is to be a club where everyone feels welcome. Not only tourists and recreational waterskiers and wakeboarders but more professional riders as well. That’s why we have decided to create Terhills Cableclub.   We will try to at least host 3 different competitions a year. Every year the Belgian Championships cableski (slalom, ski jumping) will be hosted by us. In addition to that we want to attract one tour stop of a European wakeboard competition and organize one stop of the Belgian Cabletour. Rookie competitions and smaller “club” competitions will be organized as well.   The Terhills Cableclub will after year one lead to a wakeboard team which will be trained by Elke. This way they can enjoy trainings at a very high level. In the future we want to have some riders who can compete and win bigger competitions. At the end of every year we will organize a competition to select our new team riders. Cable wakeboarding will probably make it as an Olympic sport in 2020 so it is important that everyone can train at the highest level.   Next to that Terhills Cablepark should be THE spot if you want to chill at the water. We will announce some very cool features at the end of this year! Keep checking our website for the latest news! 

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Ruakaka Cable Wake

LakeSide Cable Wake

Lakeside cable wake is a new way for the whole family to get into water fun. Within minutes get up and riding in our private 200 meter long fresh water lake. all the fun and exhilaration of wake boarding without the noise and hassle of a boat, our overhead cable will pull you smoothly and steadily, without pulling your arms off.  386177 206774509415607 206165289476529 407204 2139163681 n Trained operators to ensure your safety and easy learning, will get you up and riding in no time. If you are wanting to get in to kitesurfing, it's a great way to get the board skills sorted out without having to worry about the kite skills… If you are already a kitesurfer it's a great way to perfect your load and pop, and progress to the next level.

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Wake-a-lot Wakeboarding in Thailand Rixen Little Bro 2 kicker 2 Sliders Malibu Wakesetter all in one Spot with on Sight

Aircon rooms, Pool, Gym, Trampoline, 

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Niseko HANAZONO Resort

Hanazono Wake Park
Hanazono is the first resort in Japan to have its own actions sports Wake Park.
Whether you are a first timer or an experienced wake boarder, the park is the perfect place to develop your skills.
The Park uses the System 2.0, which is essentially a straight-line cable system, it is designed specifically for wake sports and provides a continuous ride. 

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GoWake SA1

GoWake SA1 - the first and only single line wakepark in South Wales - introduces you to cable wakeboarding in the heart of Swansea, just 10 minutes off the M4 junction 42. We are open every day during the spring and summer months so book online and come and enjoy one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.

Wakeboarding is exhilarating, energising and addictive but most of all it is great fun so let us show you what all the fuss is about and we guarantee you'll be back for more.

Safe & Enjoyable:

At GoWake we want to help everyone enjoy the thrill and excitement of wakeboarding in a safe and relaxed environment. If you’re a first time boarder we have a beginner’s package that will suit you. For riders with more experience you are free to turn up and just GoRide. Whatever your skill level our friendly and professional staff are always on hand to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyayable session with us

Cable Wakeboarding System:

At our Swansea site we use the Sesitec System 2.0, which is a straight-line cable wakeboarding system powered by a electric drive motor. When the board is strapped to your feet the cable will pull you across the surface of the water and back to your starting point. System 2.0 was designed specifically for wake sports and provides a continuous ride, like a figure of eight, which means that you won’t have to drop the handle or stop after one pull down the cable course.

Groups & Parties:

At GoWake we can cater for groups, from corporate team building days to stag weekends and special family occasions, so contact us now for an experience you won't forget.

Stand Up Paddleboard & Kite Surfing:

We also offer stand up paddleboard hire if you fancy something a little more mellow (visit for more details) and kite surfing lessons for those who are after something a little more extreme.
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NWP Nordic Wake Park

The Nordic Wake Park is a cable watersports park powered by a Sesitec System 2.0. Only the 7th System 2.0 installed nationwide and the only one in the Midwest, the Nordic Wake Park provides watersports fun for all ages. Being pulled by an overhead cable system provides a completely new sensation for Midwest riders. We currently have a 40 foot, 2 foot wide, ride on box and a 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, 4 feet high kicker.
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TXMC Wake Park

TXMC WakePark and Sasser Wakeboard School have teamed up to give you more ways for you to have axcess to our private lake. Over the last few years we have done thousands of dollars in upgrades to the property and would like to share with you what we have developed. If you are lookiing to become a better wakeboarder or just to be around good people having a great time check out what we have to offer. We hope to see you at our lake.
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Placid Wake Park

Allendale, MI – Michigan Wakeboarders will have something new to look forward to this spring with the opening of Placid Wake Park, a watersports paradise featuring an onsite pro shop, a lake for wakeboarding behind a boat, and a Sesitec 2.0 cable system. Friends and family can try out the fastest growing water sport for the low cost of simply visiting the park and renting equipment. Placid Wake Park is located at Placid Waters, a 6 lake community dedicated to watersports and just 20 minutes west of Grand Rapids. This location is quickly becoming a central hub for watersports hosting events like the Pro Water Ski Tour and clinics for pro athletes Parks Bonifay, Dean Smith, Marcus Brown, and Jodi Fisher. Placid Waters and Placid Wake Park are also set to host the 2010 Michigan waterski and wakeboard championships. The pro shop at Placid Wake Park will feature all the major brands like Hyperlite, CWB, Ronix, and Liquid Force wakeboards. “We can’t wait for the season to kick off,” says owner Scot Ferwerda. “Come see us at the Grand Rapids boat show or connect with us online at”
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Trinity Ski Park

Cable waterskiing or wakeboarding as its name implies, is waterskiing or wakeboarding where the participants are not pulled by a boat but by an overhead cable, very similar to a cable car system. All skiers and wakeboarders have to begin from the same starting dock. This also helps ensure that the cable operator has some control over the people getting into the water. There is no limit as to how many times a participant can go. The obvious advantage to cableskiing and wakeboarding is the dramatic reduction in the cost for participants. Participants are not restricted to wakeboarding and waterskiing - they can slalom, trick ski or kneeboard. Up to 8 skiers or wakeboarders can participate at the same time on one cableway, with an average of 300 - 400 participants per day (depending on the size of the cable park). It is because of the masses that can use this system it is possible to reduce the cost for participant as compared to if they were riding behind a boat." We are glad to announce that we will be bringing it to the DFW area.
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Yegor yevsk Cable

In early June, 100 kilometers from Moscow in Egoryevskoye area opened Russia's first 2 tower system.Unlike conventional winches Ski Rixen, which are already quite popular in Moscow (Strogino, Myakinino) and Russia (Anapa), reversible winch has only two poles and driving takes place in two directions. Wijk-club "Egor" located in a quiet picturesque harbor river Ljubljana, in the village Semenovskaya Yegoryevsk area (in 3 kilometers from Egorievsk Moscow reg.) Base just built, is its constant modernization. What is already there on the basis of: a cafe, changing rooms, rental with all the necessary equipment and a small tribunka in the area start for riders and their fans and a great area for picnics and tents. What is planned: a mini-hotel for four rooms, trampoline, figure (2 kickers and 2 sliders for beginners and advanced riders). A significant advantage of the reversible winch in Wijk-club "Egor" in the individual approach to each rider
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Wakeboard Sardegna system 2.0

Il nostro club ? nato col wakeboard nel 1996 ed ufficialmente dal 1999 e siamo stati tra i primi 4 Club in italia a praticarlo. Siamo L'unico Club in Italia aperto tutto l'anno in quanto le condizioni del Clima ce lo consentono(la temperatura + fredda in assoluto e' 12 gradi da met? gennaio a met? febbraio nei periodi + lunghi ), potete vedere nelle foto le ns. uscite a Natale etc....In inverno(ottobrenovembredicembre) ( febbraiomarzo aprile) usciamo il sabato e la domenica al Lago de su Casteddu (Siliqua) ma quando fa freddo(fine dicembre gennaioe prima met? di febbraio) usciamo a Cagliari il Sabato e la domenica tutto il giorno ma in primavera e l'estate durantela settimana sciamo tutti i giorni a Cagliari da Marina Piccola dalle 7 del mattino sino a quando le condizioni meteo ce lo consentono ed tutti i fine settimana andiamo al lago. E' meglio informarsi il giorno prima di farci visita per sapere dove giriamo anche se ormai almeno una barca ? sempre a Siliqua . Siamo dotati anche di carrello quindi ci possiamo muovere anche in altri laghi o siti per Eventi quale il memorabile Falanx Games del 1999.Dai primi di agosto 2007 abbiamo la barca da wakeboard per eccelenza, il nuovo Correct Craft 210 Super air Nautique Team Edition 2007 motorizzato Pcm 6000 Super Ecologico con Perfect Pass Wakeboard Pro, Tower in alluminio Lucido,Portatavole girevoli, 3 Ballast Automatici, sisema di accensione a codice, col quale si pu? fare wakeboard a livello professionistico, infatti ? stato usato anche per le competizioni nazionali ed internazionali per il 2007,il 2008 ed il 2009 E 2010 quali la finale della Wakezone Cup che ? stata organizzata il 252627 Settembre2010 a SILIQUA presso il lago DE SU CASEDDU. Perfetto anche per il waksurf in quanto crea un'onda pulita di circa 80100 cm. sia per gli atleti regular per i gufy, buono anche per il wakeskate ed i principianti in quanto col nuovo sistema Ballast system e sopratutto l'esclusivo sistema Hydrogate, l'onda si potr? regolare immediatamente per tutte le esigenze.10 Persone possono essere ospitate ed l'impianto stereoClarion con doppio finale, subwoofer gigante e 10 super casse di cui 4 in acciaio poste sopra la tower che la trasformano in una discoteca.E' dotata infine, unico Club in italia, anche di 7 luci allo xeno per illuminare a giorno le raidate notturne, un'emozione unica x chi non l'ha mai provato. Nel 2000 e nel 2001 abbiamo organizzato Campionati Italiani anche vincendo dei Titoli personali e a squadre. I primi giudici nazionali e la prima donna in Italia Capo giudice e giudice internazionale di Wakeboard sono venuti dal nostro Club.Per due anni avevamo un po' abbandonato per problemi vari( non mi dilungo) ma dal 2005 ci siamo rimessi in pista alla grandissima. Attalmente abbiamo un pilota ufficale della Fisn, un maestro Fisn specifico per il wakeboard e due istruttori ufficiali. Per vocazione il nostro club e' mirato al Wake in generale infatti tutti gli altleti e soci sono wake dipendenti.......ovvero, basta avere un traino e l'onda giusta e praticano tutte le spcialit? dello sci nautico. Il monosci viene praticato ma il club non forsnisce l'attrezzatura .Forniamo invece la FlexBorard Hyperlite Roam una tavola senza pinne e con bordi tenui che viene usata da chi vuole trovare le stesse senzazioni dello sonowboard ma sull'acqua.Ovviamente non mancano i fanatici del WakeSkate che si pu? praticare con una tecnica molto simile lo skateboard sull'acqua. Il vice Presidente ? stato uno dei primi ad avvicinarsi a questo sport e il club ne fornisce sempre uno a chi lo richiede.Nel nostro club abbiamo il campione italiano 20082009 di Cable wakeskate e nel 2010 ? stato vicecampione italiano. Dal 2006 abbiamo iniziato anche col Wake Surf in modo professionale e visto che la ns. regione e' da sempre la Mecca Nazionale del Surf, molti soci sono super appassionati, infatti, e non potevamo privarcene, ci siamo attrezzati del Wake Surfboard Hyperlite Broadcast 5'6"facile per tutti e del Big balla, il miglior traino per wakesurf. e da quando abbiamo il Correct 210 possiamo dire di avere un'onda da wake surf veramente alta e che spinge benissimo.
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Turncable Wakeboard Park Tannhausen

Beschreibung Die Turncable GbR wurde im Jahr 2008 im Zuge der Planungen zum Erbau eines Wakeboardparkes gegründet. Das Ziel des Unternehmens ist es, zu einem Szene-Hotspot (also zu einer der besten Wakeboard-Adressen Deutschlands) zu werden, um so einen Trendsport mit steten Zuwachszahlen zu unterstützen. Zum anderen soll die Turncable Anlage auch einen hohen und abwechslungsreichen Freizeit-Nutzwert bekommen und so zum Naherholungsgebiet heranwachsen. Der Turncable Wakeboard- und Wasserskipark Thannhausen ergänzt den klassischen Liftbetrieb um ein umfassendes Angebot an Freizeitaktivitäten und Erholungsmöglichkeiten für alle Alters- und Interessengruppen. Bis zur Fertigstellung des Parks sind folgende Features geplant: 3 Wakeboard- und Wasserskilifte mit Obstaclepark Seegastronomie Beachbar Sonnenterrassen auf mehreren Ebenen Großzügiger Sanitärbereich mit Duschen, Umkleiden und Toiletten Gästezimmer Chillout-Area mit Sauna Proshop Schulungs- und Veranstaltungsraum Badebucht mit Liegewiese und Strand Beachvolleyballfeld Kinderspielplatz Grillplätze Weitere Freizeitangebote 2 lakes 2 cables ( running goofy / regular) 6 towers each 1 system 2.o list of obstacles: 2 x kicker straight big 2 x kicker transition big 2 x kicker transition small 1 x post-box 1 x wakeskaterail 2 x table 1 x optimus prime 1 x wakesakte downrail 1 x relentless 1 x funbox 1 x wakeskate uprail 1 x wakeskate metallrail 1 x spine 1 x rooftop 1 x stepdownbox 1 x S-box 1 x C-box 1 x gator a-frame ... more 2 come
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Kum Wake Park

Le KWP est le premier téléski nautique 2 poulies en France. Encadré par des professionnels brevetés, venez découvrir et pratiquer différents sports nautiques (ski, wakeboard…) en toute sécurité et ? moindre co?t dans un cadre atypique. Avec un seul câble de circulation ? laquelle les débutants apprennent le départ et les premiers 160 m sur skis ou wakeboards avec garantie. C’est la solution idéale pour les débutants éprouvant une certaine appréhension. Cette installation repose sur 2 petits pylônes, un ? moteur et l’autre ? poulie, entre lequel est tendu le câble de circulation actionné par le moteur électrique ? fréquence. Le palonnier, avec la corde de remorquage, est enfilé pour des raisons de sécurité dans un tube d’aluminium. L’opérateur le donne au rider lors du départ. Le KWP est également tr?s apprécié par les riders avancés et les pro pour pouvoir essayer en toute tranquillité des tricks et des sauts. Le KWP est pourvu de deux modes loop supplémentaires qui permettent de rider en boucle sans s’arr?ter. Les passionnés du monde entier sont enthousiastes. L’Utilisation : possibilité entre 3 modes et la vitesse est gérée : Beginner, Pro, Open Loop Beginner : Départ super progressif, ? 8m avant l’arrivé du 2 ?me pylones le rider est coulé , il a le temps de se préparer pour le retour. Vitesse réglé sur 29km/h Pro : Départ comme en cable , une fois arrivé au 2 eme pylone avec la vitesse vous fait votre virage et l’entraineur s’inverse donc vous repartez dans l’autre sens. Vitesse 32km/h Open loop : c’est en fait le mode pro, sauf que vous ridez en boucle sans vous arrétez. Concernant les modules, le KWP a mis en place un Wall, un doublekicker, un Abox et un « C ».
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The Homestead Wake Park

Hervey Bay - Wakeboard and Wakeskate Park HBWWP has been given a name "the Homestead wakepark"

What is it...

The Homestead Wakepark is a two tower cable system designed for wakeboarding offering the rider a continues ride. Our towers are spanned over 210m, giving a 380m ride per lap. Here at The Homestead Wakepark we offer an array of watersports, such as Wakeboarding, Wakeskating, Kneeboarding and Skurfing.

How does it work...

It’s Simple, Once you have purchased your ticket and your equipment, you go to the end of the line, The operator will give you instructions on what to do. When it’s your turn, you get 3 laps then at the end of your go, you simply exit to the beach then jump back in line for your next go. If you fall during your turn, simply remove your board and swim to the nearest exit, then make your way back to the line.

Can I do it...

Of course you can!!! Come out have a crack you will surprise yourself... wakeboarding wakeskating kickers sliders system 2.0 winching music friends family : all welcome!
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