Riga Wake Park

Two tower wakebord park. Closest one to the city centre. Use 19 trolley to get to trolley-stop "Lucavsala"

This summer we have in water two kickers (left & right), one 19m long small slider and 18m long "back snake" for advanced riders. And 18 m long "roof-top" slider should be in water shortly.
Pre-booking obligated! Phone +37128877917 or mail: rigawakepark@gmail.com
Price range: 1h/20LVL 30min/10LVL and 3LVL rental board if you dont have your own. Wetsuit, lifejacket, helmet and instructor included in price!
Working from early May-till end of September. 

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Terhills Cablepark

As you can see the first cable park of limburg is a fact! It is situated in Dilsen-Stokkem on the new Terhills site (www.terhills.com) close to Maasmechelen Village. It has been a lot of work but in 2013 we will open the first cable park in Belgium where slalom and ski jumping competitions are possible.   At Terhills Cablepark you will find 2 cables. There will be a “small” cable on which beginners can learn the basics before they advance to the big cable. It is perfect for small children, groups of beginners and even disabled people. The slalom track and ski jump will also be situated at this “small” cable. On the big cable you will find all the wakeboard obstacles. Everyone who knows the basics can use the big cable and the more advanced riders can try the obstacles.   In the second year we will also have Stand Up Paddles (SUP) and kayaks to let everyone enjoy the water. A beach will be located next to our clubhouse.   The goal of Terhills Cablepark is to be a club where everyone feels welcome. Not only tourists and recreational waterskiers and wakeboarders but more professional riders as well. That’s why we have decided to create Terhills Cableclub.   We will try to at least host 3 different competitions a year. Every year the Belgian Championships cableski (slalom, ski jumping) will be hosted by us. In addition to that we want to attract one tour stop of a European wakeboard competition and organize one stop of the Belgian Cabletour. Rookie competitions and smaller “club” competitions will be organized as well.   The Terhills Cableclub will after year one lead to a wakeboard team which will be trained by Elke. This way they can enjoy trainings at a very high level. In the future we want to have some riders who can compete and win bigger competitions. At the end of every year we will organize a competition to select our new team riders. Cable wakeboarding will probably make it as an Olympic sport in 2020 so it is important that everyone can train at the highest level.   Next to that Terhills Cablepark should be THE spot if you want to chill at the water. We will announce some very cool features at the end of this year! Keep checking our website for the latest news! 

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Lakeside Paradise

First Cableparc in Flanders, Knokke-Heist Belgium

After 25 years of experience in all surfing activities in ocean water, the founders of the surfclub "Surfers Paradise" in Knokke-Heist, Belgium widen there range of sports by building the first Cableparc in Flanders by the name of Lakeside Paradise! For 50 years the lake has been the city's biggest secret. It was hidden by a thick wall of trees and little inhabitants new of it existence. Now the new location is being transformed to a recreational venue and the club Lakeside Paradise offers wakeboarding and waterskiing. Next to the club will be a swimming pool and golf course. The club will contain a youth hostel coming spring 2013 to provide lodging and food for backpackers, groups, schools, field trips and incentives who want to learn the sport in an all natural environment. Next to the cableparc there's space for windsurfing, sailing, Stand Up Paddleboarding and kayaking.

Contact: +3250606035


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Wakecamp Thailand

Le Wake Camp dude attitude c ' est une ambiance décontractée sur le premier câble né à Bangkok

A proximité de l' aéroport international de Bangkok en Thailand , les Thais , les expatriés et les riders de tous les continents se rassemblent pour s ' éclater sur un plan d ' eau  où l' ambiance n' a d ' équivalent que la réputation du pays : chaleureux et souriant.
Débutant ou confirmé le câble propose des obstacles pour tous les niveaux de wakeboard
Depuis votre arrivée à l ' aéroport  je vous emmenerai jusqu' à votre logement à proximité du câble , et ferai la navette de votre logement au câble en pick-up et serai  au câble tous les jours avec caméra ou appareil photo pour que vos prouesses soient immortalisées à jamais
Pour l' après wake , des années de route à travers la Thaîlande et une bonne connaissance de mon quartier et de la langue Thai feront de moi votre conseiller privilégié pour noceurs, gourmets , et amoureux de la culture ou dingue de shopping
Alors n ' hésitez pas venez nous rejoindre dans notre petit paradis et venez pour un séjour inoubliable et pimenté pour du wakeboard Thailand

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